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Last night, I went to a Mary Kay party.

Yup. I did. I was skeptical, too. The hostess, who’s a friend of mine, enticed us with makeovers, giant bottles of wine, and legendary pizza from Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn Heights. (Last night I had a dream that I ate pizza and confessed to someone that the only food I had eaten since arriving in New York was pizza. Which is more or less true. I even kind of smelled like pizza when I sweat in yoga class yesterday. I mean, what?) 

Brooklyn Heights seemed to be this weird no-man’s land beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, kind of like Where the Sidewalk Ends. We got lost not only getting into my friend’s apartment building, but in the apartment building itself. I’m actually envious that she lives with her parents, because their apartment is big and worldly and plush and I wish I could have dinner with them every night. 

Anyway, we arrived to find the rest of our party sitting at the dining room table while our MK representative, Maiza, benevolently presided. My friend had already experienced Mary Kay Ash’s wondrous line of products, so she watched the Knicks game while we looked into our tiny mirrors and ate M&M’s whenever Maiza said the words “follow-up facial.” No, I don’t know why either. We just did whatever she told us to do.

It was fun and vaguely uncomfortable, as you might expect. Maiza first tried to recruit us as Mary Kay representatives, which was unexpected but kind of made me think, huh. A little supplemental income might not be so bad. Then again, I kind of got over going to people’s houses and convincing them to buy things when I was a canvasser. So maybe not. But Maiza was very sweet and helpful, walking us through all the products and smiling, airbrushed faces that peered at us as the flipped the pages of her Mary Kay guide. I washed my face, exfoliated my lips, used primer, powder, and blush, and experienced this amazing hand softener. Holy shit. I can still smell peaches.

Mostly, it was good to hang out with girlfriends old and new (awww!) and stagger home after several glasses of wine. And get my eye brightener in 3-5 business days. 


I’m going to submit a proposal for this essay project described below, and you should, too! But beforehand, yesterday’s recap (boys, look away): I got my bikini line THREADED. Don’t worry, it’s not gross. They use what looks like floss … Continue reading

She’s baaaack

Due to popular request (two people), I decided to resuscitate Mo’lasses. Oh, that’s right, it’s just Molasses right now. When I signed back into WordPress, I saw some drafts that I fortunately never finished. In the spirit of full disclosure, here they are. Date, title, first sentence.

2/26/11 – Motherfuckers
I hate ticket scalpers. (And human scalpers, for that matter.)

2/26/11 (same date?) – And sometimes
When I’m walking in winter, I’ll see something like…

6/14/10 – Did you know that plastics take 80-450 years to decompose?

9/16/08 – (no subject)
I decided to resuscitate my blog.

So, four years later, I decided to actually resuscitate my blog. I’m actually publishing this draft, so that’s a start. I’m not going to blog about music. At least, not really. That’s what my other blog is for. But since it’s what I think about, I’m sure some of it will creep out somehow.

Mostly, this blog- I feel like that word gets less and less hip with time- will probably focus on my exploits in New York. So far, I’ve mastered the E train, which takes me from my Midtown apartment to the NYU campus on the Lower East Side (that’s L.E.S., for the uninitiated). I’ve seen a rat in the subway and a squashed cockroach in my apartment hallway. I have a doorman. Four, in fact. I still have to wear earplugs at night because there is, literally, no hour of the day that’s quiet. My roommate saw Sean William Scott and Jake Gyllenhall in Union Square. I missed it. And for the record, New York pizza is better.

Foster the People

One of my favorite in-studios at the Current. I love Foster the People.

Jump on it

Recently rediscovered this gem. On a similar note, I discovered that I had no Aaliyah in my iTunes (!) I know. I was as shocked as you are.

Manic Monday Mix 1.0

I decided to start titling these things other than “new shit” or “check this shit out.” Numbering my mixes, a la Consequence of Sound, will make this whole thing easier. T-minus two days until THE ARCADE FIRE and CALEXICO!

1. Archie Bronson Outfit- Hoola

2. The Thermals- I Don’t Believe You

3. Interpol- Barricade

4. Wavves- King of the Beach

5. Tapes ‘n Tapes- Insistor

6. National Bird- In Summer

7. Mystery Jets- Flash a Hungry Smile

8. Communist Daughter- Not the Kid

9. Washed Out- Feel It All Around

10. Lookbook- True to Form

11. M.I.A.- It Takes a Muscle

12. Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings- The Game Gets Old

Living vicariously

You know how in high school it sometimes felt like you were living a scene out of your favorite high school movie? You got a sweet haircut like Rachel Leigh Cook in “She’s All That” and all of a sudden the captain of the soccer team was interested in you, or you went to a party in the woods with a car trunk full of beer? (ALWAYS wanted that to happen! But high schools of the ’70s, man. They were something else.) News flash: the same thing happens in the adult world, but it’s not as exciting. At the moment, I feel like I’m living this article. I won’t get into it because it’s personal, but it’s eerie how certain conversations I’ve had this week mirror things said or sentiments expressed by the 20-somethings interviewed by this article. If you haven’t already read it, I highly recommend it. Took me a little while to wrap my head around it, just because I resent when older generations try to pass judgment on people my age or contemporary social/technological/etc. phenomena. But this woman knows what she’s talking about. Basically, it’s about how a lot of people my age are taking longer to settle down and find stable jobs. Many twenty-somethings are also moving home to live with their parents, or going to grad school, or finding internships. All these basically serve to stave off oncoming “adulthood,” defined traditionally. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. It means that more people will find what they want to do and who they want to be with and be less likely to change jobs or get divorced. Still, though, it can be frustrating.

Here’s to the end of a difficult week. Who’s seeing Ratatat on Saturday? Me!

1. El Guincho- FM Tan Sexy

2. Tamaryn- Love Fade

3. Mystery Jets – Dreaming of Another World

4. Menomena- TAOS

5. Hockey- Too Fake

6. Pete Yorn- Precious Stone

7. The Sadies- Another Year Again

8. Black Mountain- Hair Song

9. Hesta Prynn ft. Tim Harrington- Easy Bear

10. The White Stripes- Blue Orchid

11. Devendra Banhart- 16th and Valencia Roxy Music

12. Neva Dinova and Bright Eyes- Rollerskating

13. Phosphorescent- Mermaid Parade

14. Janelle Monae- Cold War (Wondamix)

15. Big Boi- Shutterbugg

16. Free Energy- Bang Pop (Fool’s Gold Remix)