She’s baaaack

Due to popular request (two people), I decided to resuscitate Mo’lasses. Oh, that’s right, it’s just Molasses right now. When I signed back into WordPress, I saw some drafts that I fortunately never finished. In the spirit of full disclosure, here they are. Date, title, first sentence.

2/26/11 – Motherfuckers
I hate ticket scalpers. (And human scalpers, for that matter.)

2/26/11 (same date?) – And sometimes
When I’m walking in winter, I’ll see something like…

6/14/10 – Did you know that plastics take 80-450 years to decompose?

9/16/08 – (no subject)
I decided to resuscitate my blog.

So, four years later, I decided to actually resuscitate my blog. I’m actually publishing this draft, so that’s a start. I’m not going to blog about music. At least, not really. That’s what my other blog is for. But since it’s what I think about, I’m sure some of it will creep out somehow.

Mostly, this blog- I feel like that word gets less and less hip with time- will probably focus on my exploits in New York. So far, I’ve mastered the E train, which takes me from my Midtown apartment to the NYU campus on the Lower East Side (that’s L.E.S., for the uninitiated). I’ve seen a rat in the subway and a squashed cockroach in my apartment hallway. I have a doorman. Four, in fact. I still have to wear earplugs at night because there is, literally, no hour of the day that’s quiet. My roommate saw Sean William Scott and Jake Gyllenhall in Union Square. I missed it. And for the record, New York pizza is better.


One response to “She’s baaaack

  1. yes! i can’t believe i’ve known you since before the birth of this blog. it’s like a baby. she’s all potty trained now.

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