Icing Funnyman

I always ask people if they watch the OC that because I think it’s a question that gives a telling answer. And the answer is usually a) “Fuck that,” b) “Just the first season,” or c) “OMG I love that show!!!!!” For me, B is the preferred- I won’t say correct- answer. Because I love the first season of the OC. The characters develop, the plot thickens, odd couples you want to hook up do, and everything that happens generally makes for great TV you can watch over and over again.

Which brings me to my next point. I come up with a lot of analogies that fit perfectly for me but rarely translate: “Do you watch the OC?”

“The first season, yeah.”

“Are you familiar with it at all?”

“Sort of.”

“You remember X? Well, I realized that coworker/friend/acquaintance Y is just like them! Y is X. He’s totally Funnyman.”

“Oh yeah, I guess.” Pause. “I guess I don’t really remember the show that well.”

Leaving me to think that my Astute Observation is not actually insightful at all.


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